In her smiles, her face wrinkles.

In anger, her nose turns red.

When she cries in front of the mirror,

At her own sight, starts to laugh instead. Continue reading



Two months ago, I bought a Rubik’s cube. The cube looked so simple, with uniformity of colour on each side. I kept the colourful, perfect cube on my desk and went to sleep. The next day, I sat on my bed with the cube in my hand and turned the columns of the cube randomly, mixing all the colours. Now, each side had multiple colours, which needed to be arranged. Continue reading


My heart weeps for what is about to come. They have been my life for twelve years now. Today, they will go far away. They look happy and excited, and I don’t know how to feel. Happy for them that they are moving ahead in life, that finally their dream has come true, and also a little sad for myself, who is going to be alone and empty after all this time.

Before they came, I was just a house; then, I became their home.

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Raining Hearts

I look at the grey clouds in the sky. This temporary gloom is going to be washed with joy shortly, while abundance follows.

Looking at my wrinkled hands, I smile. The first rain of the year continues to amuse me even after having seen sixty-two of them. I remember how we played in the water when we were young. Today, I sit here in my veranda and wait for raindrops to thrill me yet again. I wonder what else has the capacity to make me so happy. Love is the first word that comes to my mind. Continue reading